Aiyan is the utmost important character in the novel, fulfilling the role of the only playable character in the novel. Aiyan is a student of witchcraft, assisting Amaya and serving as his apprentice.

General Information Edit

  • ⚓ Aiyan is the protagonist of Aiyan and the Sea, being the first and only playable character in the novel. Having the most unique assets in the visual novel, she was the most strenuous to design.
  • ⚓ Her name is pronounced as Eye Yan. Conspicuously, Ai (あい) translates to affection in Japanese. Yan (やん), in the same language, means familiar person.
  • ⚓ Aiyan's time period is ambiguous and does not include cellphones, however Aiyan possesses a compact ocean mirror that serves the exact purpose.
  • ⚓ Inspirations include Wadanohara from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Miyuki Hoshizora from Smile Pretty Cure, and Usagi from Sailor Moon.

Personality Edit

Bubbly and well-mannered, Aiyan is polite in nature and in mannerism. Consequently, she is rather naïve, and struggles to identify hostility. Depending on the participant's decisions, however, these attributes may differ. She may become virulent and distant; perhaps even garnering a rebellious streak. In a perspective standpoint, her psyche in the novel's timeline relies on your selections.

Background. Edit

Not much is made of Aiyan's past. Although certain key elements can be obtained through the onset of each new chapter, this only concerns her relationship with Catalyn. During subsequent free-time events, interactions with characters could warrant some detail from civilians.

However, Aiyan was not conceived by a human being. Identical to witches like her, she originated from the sea; born from the waves and of pearls. Though this is acknowledged, she only has been using her sorcery for a short duration of time, leading Amaya to take her in as his apprentice. Managed to survive via pick-pocketing and serving as a maid before becoming Amaya's apprentice.

Relationships. Edit

Notice: Depeding on your playthrough, some of these  relationships can change during any period of gameplay.


Aiyan's fiance. They are in a romantic relationship. Though acknowledged that their relationship was dilipadating during before the kidnapping, the pair had a deep emotional connection with each other. Before their 'breakup', Catalyn felt as if her popularity was interfering with her connection to Aiyan. Catalyn's attempt to reconcile with her partner was cut short due to her capture. 


Aiyan's teacher and friend. Though their relationship is soley platonic, their connection is close. In additon to this, they own a potion shop together, which also dual as a living space for the two.